Linear Circles 1-4 Circles 5-8

Linear Spells

The Linear Spell is a spell of pure Ether. No reagents are required to help with the binding of these special spells. With just a chant of the Words of Power, and an intricate gesture, the Mage can control a small bit of each of the elements. To cast more powerful spells, one will have to find a way to restore the normal workings of the Ether to the World.

Stone - In Bet Ylem
A spell more suited to a juggler's profession, this bit of magic conjures a small stone that comes under the control of the caster. While the novice mage may consider this an offensive spell, its power is very small, and should only be used as a last resort.

Gust - In Hur
Summons a slight breeze to blow past the caster. Can be used to move small very objects around that may be out of the reach of the caster.

Ignite - In Flam
An invaluable spell to any mage, this spell is mostly used for the lighting of the candle of the Binding Circle. It can also be used to relight extinguished torches on the walls of long abandoned mines and buildings.

Douse - An Flam
If a mage is in need of a spell to douse the flames of any fires, this is the spell that he or she will need.