Linear Circles 1-4 Circles 5-8

The first half of the Britannian Mages' Spellbook contains the incantations listed here. These spells are the stepping stones to the more powerful magics of the land. To cast the spells, Reagents are needed along with the Words of Power, a Scroll of the Spell, and a Circle of Binding. The Mage places the Scroll of the spell he wants into the Circle of Binding along with one of each of the required Reagents. The Mage then lights the Circle's candles. On the lighting of the final candle, the Mage chants the Words of Power and the Scroll and Reagents are consumed into the Ether and the Spell is now available to the Mage from his Spellbook. The casting of the Spell requires the expiration of Mana. The more powerful the Spell, the more Mana is consumed. Mana can be restore by either deep sleep or by means of magical potions. Binded spells can be cast until the Mage's Mana store is used up. Spells can also be cast from the Scrolls themselves, but doing so causes the Scroll to deteriorate into dust.
The casting cost of the spells also decreases with a higher Intelligence. The casting costs listed here are all for the Dim/Smart Intelligence levels. The casting costs are drastically reduced as your Intelligence increases.

First Circle

Create Reagents - In Ort Ylem
Mana Cost: 5
Binding Reagents: Black Pearl, Bloodmoss, Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Spider's Silk, Sulphurous Ash
Scroll Locations: New Magincia (climb to top of broken tower); Buc's Den (buy from Herzog)
One of the most useful spells a mage could ever have, this spell creates reagents from the very earth below his feet. The only restrictions on this spell are that certain land types only create certain types of reagents, and the Mage must have actually held the reagent he's looking for in his hands at least once in his life. (I have yet to get this spell to work like it's supposed to. All I usually get are black pearls and and rare garlic from grassy areas or sulphurous ash from volcanic areas. Anyone know a way to get this to work like it's supposed to, PLEASE speak with me in my chatroom or ICQ me)

Lightning Bolt - Ort Grav
Mana Cost: 5
Binding Reagents: Black Pearl, Mandrake Root, Sulphurous Ash
Scroll Locations: LB's Castle (NW and NE tower); Britain (abandoned house west of city)
One of the most useful offensive spell, Lightning calls on the awesome power of the the storm to throw a lighting strike at his opponent. Its inexpensive Mana cost makes it easy for the Mage to repeatedly strike his opponent many times to bring him down.

Light - In Lor
Mana Cost: 5 to cast and 1 per minute until dispelled
Binding Reagents: Sulphurous Ash
Scroll Locations: LB's Castle (Mage Room)
For when a Mage goes wandering in some dark caverns or old buildings, this spell summons a small ball of light to follow the caster around. This ball will stay around (draining your Mana) until the spell is cast again or your Mana stock runs out.

Light Heal - Mani
Mana Cost: 5
Binding Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Spider's Silk
Scroll Locations: LB's Castle (NE Tower); Ambrosia (buy from Grond)
An extremely useful spell for the young adventurer, this spell heals injurys a little bit at a time. It heals roughly 30 hitpoints with each cast.

Second Circle

Crystal Barrier - In Vas Ylem
Mana Cost: 10
Binding Reagents: Black Pearl, Bloodmoss, Mandrake Root
Scroll Locations: Buc's Den (sewer hole); Ambrosia (Queen's Lair)
This causes large crystals to grow from the ground at the feet of the caster. These Crystals can be used as a last resort to block creatures coming at the caster.

Ethereal Sight - In Quas Wis
Mana Cost: 10 to cast and 1 every 20 seconds until dispelled
Binding Reagents: Mandrake Root, Spider's Silk
Scroll Locations:
A mage may find himself on a quest for an item that another mage has tried to keep hidden. The typical method to hide these items is by making them invisible to normal sight, or even completely putting that item into the magical void. Ethereal Sight dispels all invisibilities to the caster's eyes and even lets him see those items displaced into the void. The mage can then take these items for himself. This spell stays in effect until cast again or your Mana supply runs out.

Infernal Armor - Uus Flam Sanct
Mana Cost: 10 to cast and 1 every 2 seconds until dispelled
Binding Reagents: Mandrake Root, Sulphurous Ash, Spider's Silk
Scroll Locations: Britain (chest in Killigan's room)
When fighting fire-based creatures, this spell is invaluable. It surrounds the caster with magical fires that make him nearly invulnerable to normal or magical fires. It even protects the caster enough that he can walk through boiling lava for a short period of time. This stays in affect until cast again or your Mana supply runs out.

Cure - An Nox
Mana Cost: 10
Binding Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng
Scroll Locations: Road to Paws (wolf den just before goblin bridge)
This spell purges all poisons and toxins from the casters body. It does not heal hitpoints, but it does stop them from decreasing. (It returns all the green in your health bar to red).