Part 7: Complete Walkthrough - Zealan Shrine

You begin your pilgrimage, as Vividos instructed, wondering what the Birthplace would be like. Would you have an incredible vision as he described? You finally arrive there and discover the entrance to an ancient Shrine. You find a book near it's entrance and read how the ancients made obstacles for their people in order to be granted the privilage of meeting their Deities. Little do you know that your pilgrimage leads you to discover a destiny few mortals could ever dream of!


Stair Puzzle Solution

Place the clock on the platforms (numbered 1, 2, 3 from left to right) in this order, read from left to right:

3,1			3,2			1,2			3,1			2,3
2,1			3,1			3,2			1,2 		1,3
2,3			1,2			3,1			3,2			1,2

The first number of a pair will lower a stair, while the second number will raise a stair.