Part 5: Magic



The magic of Lithos, this magic involves the manipulation of the earth and control of death. The focus of a Necromantic spell is a small pouch filled with the required reagents for a spell. The caster then imbues the bag with magic and a magical token appears, ready to be used any time.

How to Cast:

  1. Find an extra empty bag to keep in your backpack. Place one of each of the required reagents into the empty bag and close it.
  2. Double-click on the Key of the Caretaker and target the bag with the reagents in it. If you've put the correct reagents in the bag and you've learned the spell in the game, the Avatar will chant the Words of Power.
  3. Open the bag and there will be a talisman in it. The talismans for each spell are shown below. To cast the spell, double-click the talisman. Depending on the spell, you may get a targeting cursor. If so, click on where you want to cast the spell. You can keep these talismans indefinitely and cast the spell whenever you wish. Casting the spell destroys the talisman, though, and you will have to prepare another to cast again.


	Purpose: Movement/Animation
	Notes: The essnce of life, reft from the body, serves as a reminder of 

	Purpose: Summoning/Communication
	Notes: The source of blood is also, strangely enough, the source of the
		will, and remembers the life it once embraced.

	Purpose: Preservation/Binding
	Notes: Almost ageless, a time-aided tree can be stronger than the
		hardest rock.

	Purpose: Protection
	Notes: The plant grows from the womb of the land, its roots deeply
		embedded in the safty of soil.

 Executioner's Hood
	Purpose: Death
	Notes: The fungus is black in hue, dark in purpose and shaped like the 
		head-covering of it's namesake.

	Purpose: Power
	Notes: This is an odd mixture of the element of Earth and the
		mysterious Blackrock.


 Open Ground (Des Por Ylem)
	Reagents: Blood, Blackmoor
	Mana: 3
	When cast near a tombstone, this spell, under the guidence of a
	Necromancer, shapes the ground and stone. Most often, however, it is
	merely used to create a grave or open a weakened wall of rock.

 Death Speak (Kal Wis Corp)
	Reagents: Blood, Bone
	Duration: One Conversaton
	Mana: 1
	This spell briefly returns a semblance of life to a deceased body and
	allows the Necromancer to converse with the spirit of the once living.
	However, if the being has not undergone certain preparations before
	death, this spell is quite a painful experience, usually rendering the
	subject incoherent.

Mask of Death (Quas Corp) Reagents: Wood, Executioner's Hood Duration: About 60 seconds Mana: 1 By this spell, the Necromancer may assume a state of near-death that will appear as actual death. The Necromancer is completely cognizant, and the spell will wear off after a short duration. Rock Flesh (Rel Sanct Ylem) Reagents: Wood, Dirt Duration: About 1 1/2 minutes Mana: 2 With this spell, the Necromancer gains an innate resistance to damage by transforming the very flesh into a substance as strong as stone. Summon Dead (Kal Corp Xen) Reagents: Blood, Bone, Wood Mana: 2 This spell summons from the Earth a number of dead warriors to server the Necromancer as guardians. They are mindless, attacking anyone not endowed with the power of Necromancy. Though it is possible to summon armies of the walking dead, rarely has more than one been seen to appear. Grant Peace (In Vas Corp) Reagents: Executioner's Hood, Blackmoor Mana: 5 This potent spell calls upon the bailwick of the Necromancer, that being death. The recipient, if the undead of Earth, instantly reverts to the lifeless corpse it was before becoming animated. If cast upon the fully living, the life force of the recipient is momently severed from the body, often resulting in death, but in some instances, causing only temporary confusion. Withstand Death (Vas An Corp) Reagents: Wood, Dirt, Blackmoor Mana: 4 By means of this preparation spell, the Necromancer returns from death once (the book and game say this can only be cast once. Anyone been able to cast it more? email me), with all ailments removed and in full health. Create Golem (In Ort Ylem Xen) Reagents: Blood, Bone, Wood, Dirt, Blackmoor Mana: 3 This spell calls up a creature made of Earth, generally in the shape of a man, to perform the bidding of the caster. It follows a few terse commands, usually understanding statements to retrieve or open things. Call Quake (Kal Vas Ylem Por) Reagents: Bone, Wood, Dirt, Blackmoor (The original manual (The Chronicle of Pagan) has the reagents listed wrong. These are the correct ones) Mana: 5 This spell causes the very Earth to rise up and heave, confusing and injuring your enemies. The last gift of Lothian.


The magic of Stratos, this magic involes healing and the manipulation of the Air to aid the Theurgist. Casting involves the use of a magically charged Focus, and special words of power.

Aerial Servet (Kal Ort Xen) Mana: 5 This spell calls a whirling being of Air, which will accept the Thuergist's commands to manipulate or move any object. An unusual ability of this creature is that it is able to move an object through solid obstacles, such as walls and closed doors.

Air Walk (Vas Hur Por) Duration: Different every time. longest is 60 seconds Mana: 15 By means of this spell, the Theurgists is able to jump great distances with the aid of the surrounding air. It is said that the first casting of this spell requires no Focus, and is accomplished with the direct aid of Stratos herself.

Divination (In Wis) Mana: 3 This spell gives the Theurgist his current location, time of day, day of the week, current month, and tells him how long he has been on Pagan.

Fade From Sight (Quas An Lor) Duration: 2-3 minutes. The higher your intelligence, the longer it lasts. Mana: 5 As the name of this spell implies, in renders the Theurgist completely invisible from the sight of nearly all mortal beings.

Healing Touch (In Mani) Mana: 5 This spell heals minor wounds (8-16 points).

Hear Truth (An Quas Lor) Duration: about 3 minutes Mana: 3 This spell reveals the truth to any lie spoken knowingly to the Theurgist, as if the Air, itself, were unraveling the thread of the message.

Intervention (In Sanct An Jux) Duration: 2-3 minutes. The higher your intelligence, the longer it lasts. Mana: 15 One of the most powerful of the Theurgists' spells is the ability to call into existance a wall of Air that blocks all damaging forces. While this spell can make the mightiest sword blow feel like a tap, it will not prevent death from immersion in lava or drowning in Water.

Restoration (Vas In Mani) Mana: 15 This powerful spell restores a living being to full health, eliminating wounds and curing disease.

Reveal (Ort Lor) Mana: 5 This spell releases a wave of energy that dispels all forms of invisibility around the Theurgist, including any that are currently affecting the Theurgist.


A magic that borrows little bits from other schools, Thaumaturgy is not widely studied on Pagan. The main focus of this magic is the spell book, which contains information on the spell and what reagents are required for it. To cast the spell, the book, along with the reagents, are placed in a pouch. The book is then read again to cast the spell. While Thaumaturgy borrows many reagents from the other schools of magic, it does have it's own unique ingredients.


 Eye of Newt
	Purpose: Sight/Knowledge
	Notes: This aids the mage in focusing the inner eye within the mind.

 Bat Wing
	Purpose: Life/Creatures
	Notes: The flesh, bone, and blood found in this structure serevr as an
		execellent lodestone to the essence of life.

 Serpent Scale
	Purpose: Destruction/Separation
	Notes: The poison in the mouth of this beast seeps into the flesh and
		corrupts the scales, giving them the magical ability to act as
		a destructor of bonds.

 Dragon Blood
	Purpose: Great Power
	Notes: So powerful is this creature that the blood burns as if aflame.
		Prescise measurements of this are wise, for too much and the magic
		will go dangerously awry.


 This is the spell book of the Thaumaturge.

Confusion Blast (In Quas Wis)
	Reagents: Eye of Newt, Bat Wing, Serpent Scale, Obsidion, Brimstone
	Duration: Until an outside force resumes combat.
	Mana: 3
	Cost: 50 obdidion coins
	This causes a release of etheric energies, inflicting no real physical
	damage, but causing all combatants near the Thaumaturge to forget
	completely the present combat.

Meteor Shower (Kal Des Flam Ylem)
	Reagents: Ash, Dirt, Serpent Scale, Brimstone, Blackmoor
	Mana: 3
	Cost: 100 obsidion coins
	Rocks, summoned from unseen heights, cascade in a fiery torrent upon
	friends and foes alike. Only the caster remains unharmed.
Summon Creature (Kal Xen)
	Reagents: Bat Wing, Pumice, Obsidion, Bone
	Mana: 3
	Cost: 100 obsidion coins
	This highly variable spell magically calls a creature to the
	Thaumaturge's defense (troll, kith, daemon, etc). 
Call Destruction (Kal Vas Grav Por)
	Reagents: Serpent Scale, Dragon Blood, Ash, Pig Iron, Executioner's Hood
	Mana: 3
	Cost: 150 Obsidion coins
	This spell causes bolts of lightning and destructive explosions to
	cascade around the Thaumaturge, unerringly striking any visible foes.
Devestation (In Vas Ort Corp)
	Reagents: Bat Wing, Serpent Scale, Dragon Blood, Pig Iron,
	Executioner's Hood, Blackmoor, Brimstone
	Mana: 3
	Cost: 1000 obsidion coins
	This spell, first formulated by what could only have been an insane
	mage, is designed to disrupt the very fabric of life throughout the
	world. All creatures and beings, save the crazed Thaumaturge who cast
	this spell (and maybe not even him/her), face instant eradication. As
	far as can be told, there has never been a successful casting of this


The magic of Hydros, this magic involves the control of weather and water. This isn't a magic that can be learned. It is passed down through heredity and is currently the power of the ruler of Tenebrae. Tempests have been observed walking on Water, breathing Water as they would Air, creating and calming windy storms, stilling the turbulent seas, causing clouds to skid across the sky at supernatural speeds, and sending bolts of lightning down upon their enemies. The Tempest requires no reagents or foci, as the powers are channeled through the Water Titan herself.