The Complete Guide to Ultima 1

The First Age of Darkness

The evil wizard Mondain has been terrorizing the lands of Sosaria. He's captured the Gem of Immortality and has become an invulnerable menace to the Lords of the land. The fate of Sosaria falls on the shoulder's of a stranger. He must defeat the most powerful creatures in the land and ride the waves of Time itself to defeat the Evil Sorcerer!

Maps - These maps are arranged in the same way they are in the game. If you sail north of a northern continent, you end up on the southern coast of the continent below it, and vice versa, just like a real globe. For a more detailed map, with all locations labelled, click on the map you wish to view.

General Info - Information about places to visit, magic spells, and items available.

Walkthrough - Detailed walkthrough to get you through the entire game.

Ultima 1: A Legend is Reborn - A group of game designers tried to do a remake of the game in 3D, but unfortunately due to license issues with EA, they were never allowed to finish. You can see what they tried to do at this site before discontinuing their work.

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