The Complete Guide to Ultima 9: Ascension

Ultima IX: Ascension

Page Update Information (Newest info in italics): I will not ever be able to answer any technical support questions about this game. The game was released too early and filled with too many bugs that make tech support for someone that didn't develop the game nearly impossible.

Despite all the set backs that OSI has had with this game, I am extremely impressed with the game! They set out to make a 3D world that seemed as real as possible with the technology at the time, and I believe they accomplished this to a very surprising degree! The graphical detail and the size of the continuous world are amazing! Each Ultima game at its release time was a HUGE jump in gaming technology for that time period, and taxed many people's systems to run at full capacity. Ultima has always set a standard that other game companies quickly try to achieve. They have done it again, and I congratulate them for it!

Good luck to all of you in your final quest of the Avatar!


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