Killing Lord British
  1. This dastardly scheme has to be started while your back on Earth. On top of the refrigerator you'll find a container of poison. Take that poison and put it in the bread maker on the counter by dragging it onto it. You'll know you put it in because it disappears.
  2. Take the bag of flour and just place it on top of the bread maker. Click on the bread maker to use it. If you put both things in right, a piece of noxious, poisonous bread will appear. DO NOT EAT IT!!
  3. Place it in your bag and make your way to the Gypsy as normal. The bread will go to Britannia with you.
  4. Once in Castle Britain, make your way to the Dining room.Go into the secret room and you'll see a plate with bread on it.
  5. Replace the bread with the poisoned bread in your backpack. Wait patiently for LB to come in for his dinner and watch him choke and gag to death! Of course you can't continue with the game from here. To actually continue with the game you'll have to load a game prior to your placing the bread on the plate. Just keep the bread in your room in the castle as a keepsake this time. ;)
    The Secret Room One bite taken... The poison takes effect... Now you've done it!