Part 4: Creatures and NPC's

Undead and Supernatural Creatures

Aerial Servent

Description: Aerial servents do the bidding of their
Theurgist masters, using powers to manipulate physical objects to perform
their tasks. They are much like ghosts in all other respects.
	Armor Class: 0
	Dexterity: 15
	Damage: 6-12
	Hit Points: 40-60
Vulnerabilities: Can only be harmed by Magic Damage.


Description: Mimicking their foes, these little
dopplegangers try and use their enemies own strengths against them.
Natural state
	Armor Class: 11
	Dexterity: 12-16
	Damage: 7-10
	Hit Points: 30-45
As Avatar
	Armor Class: 15
	Dexterity: 5-10
	Damage: 7-15
	Hit Points: 30-45
Abilities: What else? Shapeshifting.
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed with physical or magical attack.


Description: Creatures from another realm, they attack
with sharp, fiery talons, and are extremely tough.
	Armor Class: 19
	Dexterity: 14-21
	Damage: 12-18
	Hit Points: 80-100
Abilities: Immune to any damage caused by fire. Their
touch does fire damage. Blunt weapons to half damage.
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed with a strong physical
attack, or an adept Sorcerer can banish them.


Description: These beings are trapped in the vicinity of
their deaths, but not restrained by physical objects. They can only 
be "killed" by magical means, so the ill-equiped
should stay away.
	Armor Class: 16
	Dexterity: 15-21
	Damage (Ghost): 0 
	Damage (Fiery Skull): 1-3
	Hit Points: 80-90
Abilities: They can remain invisible until you come to
near to their domain, and they can throw their fiery skulls at you, which
can follow you around indefinitely.
Vulnerabilities: Grant Peace.


Description: The ghouls of Pagan have lost all memeory of
their human past. Although dim of sight and thought, their brokan nails are
sharp as knives and carry deadly pestilence.
	Armor Class: 15
	Dexterity: 14-16
	Damage: 6-12
	Hit Points: 35-50
Abilities: They learn from experience what angles of
attack work best against you. 
Vulnerabilities: Kicking them stuns them for a few
seconds. Easy to kill with concentrated physical attacks and Grant Peace.


Description: Summoned by magic, Golems are powerful forces
under the control of their masters. Without thought of their own, fear is
unknown to them, and they will attack without hesitation.
	Armor Class: 18
	Dexterity: 7-8
	Damage: 15-25
	Hit Points: 150-175
Abilities: Immune to fire, resistant to stuns, and Blunt
weapons only do half damage.
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed with a determined, powerful 
physical or magical attack.

Invisible Beings

Description: Rare, but deadly, the Invisible Ones react violently to any 
intrusions into their teritory.
	Armor Class: 5
	Dexterity: 8-12
	Damage: 4-6
	Hit Points: 15-25
Abilities: Do I really have to tell you?
VulnerabilitiesTheir eyes glow red, giving them away, and once found are
 easy to kill.


Description: These monstrous peculiarities have long been
accepted as a natural phenomenon of Pagan, but the truth is that they
resulted form ealier magical experiments, prior even to recorded history.
	Armor Class: 14
	Dexterity: 17-25
	Damage: 12-16
	Hit Points: 75-100
Abilities: They have a much longer reach than their
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed with close physical attacks
and are very vulnerable to fire.

Skeleton Warrior

Description: These warriors retain the armor, weapons, and
knowledge of their previous lives, and are skillful fighters
	Armor Class: 17
	Dexterity: 15-20
	Damage: 7-13
	Hit Points: 35-45
Abilities: Swift attackers; can resurrect themselves
unless put to a final rest.
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed with physical attacks and Grant Peace.

Common Creatures


Description: Wild kith are quite dangerous when they rear
up on their abdomen to strike with their fangs. This attack causes a lot of
damage to an unprotected body.
	Armor Class: 20
	Dexterity: 14-18
	Damage: 12-16
	Hit Points: 85-105
Abilities: Stun resistant, blunt weapons do half damage.
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed with a concentrated, physical attack.


Description: Quick and vicious, these small, flying
creatures are quick to attack on any intrusion on their territory.
	Armor Class: 3
	Dexterity: 15-23
	Damage: 3-5
	Hit Points: 18-22
Abilities: Flying
Vulnerabilities:  Very easy to kill.


Description: These small, crawling creatures are another
animal that Pagans have learned to tolerate. Slow moving, they find their
way into hovels and places alike searching for food.
	Armor Class: 0
	Dexterity: 8-12
	Damage: 1-2
	Hit Points: 2-7
Abilities: Biting
Vulnerabilities: They can be easily stepped on.


Description: Spiders are more of a nuisance than a serious
threat. They generally use their color to hide in grassy areas. 
	Armor Class: 0
	Dexterity: 8-12
	Damage: 1
	Hit Points: 2-6
Abilities: Biting
Vulnerabilites:They can be easily stepped on.


Description: Torax are usually docile unless you attack
them first. They're powerful jaws can give a crippling bite, and their
tough hide gives them good protection.
	Armor Class: 28
	Dexterity: 8-12
	Damage: 7-14
	Hit Points: 40-55
Abilities: Powerful bite, they can use their heads as a
battering ram, they're stun resistant, and blunt weapons only do half
damage against them.
Vulnerabilitites: Can be killed eventually with
concentrated physical or magical attacks and magical spells.


Description: Denizens of the darker areas of Pagan, these
vaguely man-shaped beings have ventured into the villages and populated
areas. Slow, stupid, and huge, their enormous strength gives them a
natural talent for killing. One blow from their clubs can easily maim an
unprotected person.
	Armor Class: 18
	Dexterity: 7-10
	Damage: 10-28
	Hit Points: 150-225
Abilities: Stun resistant, and blunt weapons only do half
Vulnerabilities: You can repeatedly lure them into fire
until they die; persistant physical or magical attacks.



Description: Highly trained, well-equiped and not
reluctant to use their bardiches, these soldiers guard the cities and
surrounding areas from al possible threats. They won't go out of they're
way to pick fights with you, but they will glady fight when provoked.
	Armor Class: 25
	Dexterity: 15-25
	Damage: 8-15
	Hit Points: 35-65
Abilities: Highly trained with a Bardiche and well protected.
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed by concentrated physical
attack by a well armed opponent and magical spells.

Peasant Adult

Description: Just your run of the mill peasant. Completely
unarmed, but far from helpless.
	Armor Class: 10
	Dexterity: 10-15
	Damage: 2-5
	Hit Points: 10-20
Abilities: Call upon Beren for help
Vulnerabilities:Extremely vulnerable to anything.

Peasant Child

Description: A peasant child. What else is there to say?
	Armor Class: 5
	Dexterity: 1
	Damage: 7-14
	Hit Points: 10-15
Abilities: They attack in numbers
Vulnerabities: Too young to do much harm or defend well.


Description: Like Sorcerers, Theurgists are too busy to
look for trouble... usually. Occasionally a Theurgist has a bad day, and
then nearby travelers should beware his wrath.
	Armor Class: 12
	Dexterity: 12-16
	Damage: 5-10
	Hit Points: 17-24
Abilities: Whatever spells they have prepared.
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed easily with a physical attack.