Part 2: General Information

Times of day

Since Pagan is a world of endless night, the terms associated with each time my not be exactly correct, but they're close enough for our understanding

Bloodwatch: Midnight

Firstebb: From Midnight until Dawn

Daytide: Dawn until noon

Threemoons: Noon

Lastebb: Noon until Dusk

Eventide: Dusk until Midnight

Food and Potions

While not as required as in the previuos Ultimas, eating is still a part of the Avatar's day. Every fourth or fifth meal will provide him with added health.

Either yellow and green mushrooms, or yellow and red mushrooms can be eaten safely. If you eat enough, they will also increase your health if you are injured. If you eat a blue or a green mushroom, you take the chance of "tripping out". Do it at least once. It's pretty cool! ;)

Potions are mostly the same as with the previous Ultimas with a small change.

Red: fully and completely restores your health unless you are completely healthy. In that case, you can reduce your hit points drastically

Yellow: Increases your hit points by 10-12 points

Orange: Increases your mana by 10-12 points

Green: Poison. Lowers your hit points by 10-12 points

Blue: Temporarily puts you to sleep. This sleep does not restore health or mana and the potion DOES NOT work on others.

Purple: Temporary invulnerablility. 60-90 seconds

Black: Temporary invisibility. 60-90 seconds

Character Statistics

Hit Points: a measure of your characters health. 0=death

Damage: the ammount of hit points subtracted from a target on a successful hit.

Armor Class: how much damage is subtracted from a successful hit. The percentage subtracted is your AC muliplied by three.

Dexterity: Agility. Indicates how often an attack will be successful

Mana: a unit of magic power

Strength: relates to how effective your attacks are, and how much you can carry.

Intelligence: relates to your ability to create and cast spells. The more intelligent you are, the more often you get a higher number of charges for a spell (sorcery). Casting spells and reading magic books increases your intelligence.

Weight: relates to how much you are carrying (inventory, armor, and weapons).

Maximum "Natural" stats (some can be raised higher by magical means):
Strength: 25
Intelligence: 25
Dexterity: 25
Mana: 50 (2x intelligence)
Hit Points: 50 (2x strength)
Weight: 100 (4x strength)